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Fusion Alternatives is a forward-thinking and innovative company providing strategic services to the diamond, jewellery and affiliated industries.

The global diamond industry has undergone tremendous change over the last five to seven years. This current transitory phase is creating unique opportunities for new marketing channels and paradigms to emerge.

Fusion Alternatives is intricately aware of current developments and are well positioned to facilitate efficient exposure to and capitalisation on this exciting emerging phase.
To address and benefit from these challenges and their long-term ramifications, Fusion Alternatives has created distinct, value-added services divided into three business divisions:
» Diamond Tenders

  • Together with our partner, I. Hennig & Co., Fusion Alternatives Tenders is a leading specialist in operating international diamond tenders. Working together, Hennig and Fusion have the ability to offer turnkey projects which include diamond valuing, assorting, tendering, and client selection.
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» Diamond Investment Advisory Services

  • Fusion Alternatives Investment Management has created a number of investment products and services aimed at providing clients with professional and cost effective exposure to investment diamonds as part of their overall investment portfolio.
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» Diamond Consulting Services

  • Fusion Alternatives Consulting Team assists executives to carefully develop strategies, identify and manage risk, and work cooperatively to select and develop strategic direction with the most robust stakeholder value potential.
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